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Top 5 Highly Effective Marketing Tactics

Ever wonder if your marketing efforts are as effective as they could and
should be? Here’s our take on the most effective means of generating
new customers.
Email Marketing
Despite all the action on social media (we’ll get to that shortly), email is
still a solid and reliable tool for reaching existing and new customers.
Everybody has at least one email account, and checks it at least a
few times per week. This is your opportunity to spark a discussion,
and email service providers such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact or
Vertical Response enable you to get very specific in your targeting.
Don’t have an email list? Start building one today.

SEO: Search Engine OptimizationDoes your website have all of the elements in place to make
it a top hit when a potential customer does an online search?
Are there updates at least once every couple of months?
This is an ongoing tactic that is critical to your organic reach,
so be sure you’ve got an expert in charge.

Social Media Marketing
Obviously, right?
With all of the platforms out there and all of the ways to target
an audience – from very general to very niche – social media
simply cannot be ignored. The good news is that it’s not
necessary to have a presence on every single platform. You can
leverage your story and expertise by carefully considering
which 2-4 platforms are being used by your customers.
This offers a great opportunity to connect human-to-human,
which is what social media was born to do.
You should be posting about twice per week per platform,
and tweak from there. Videos garner the most engagement.
Look into planning, content and scheduling tools like Hootsuite.

Blogging remains another very effective means of connecting
with your target audience. Not only does it contribute to your
SEO (see above), it also can establish your company as the expert
in your field. And be sure to think beyond your own blog – who
do you know whose business complements yours? Find other experts
in similar but non-competitive fields with whom you can share
expertise. Guest blogging can expand your reach exponentially;
and be sure to share your blog or vlog (video blog) on social
media for even more reach.

Google AdWordsThis is the only recommendation on this list that requires
you to spend more than time – it requires a budget. Fortunately, 
a lot can be done with Google AdWords on a limited budget,
so don’t let it scare you off. In fact, we highly recommend this
tactic for the great ROI (return on investment) that it offers at
even a shoestring level. Google’s ad platform is very target-able,
and the data returns are a deep dive into not just your potential
customers and their lives, but your competitors as well.

Final note
These recommendations are just the beginning of all of the marketing,
advertising, promotion and PR that we recommend for your overall
marketing strategy. We know that the most effective marketing for small
and mid-sized businesses requires multiple methods that work in tandem,
with frequent updates, analyses and staying abreast of best practices.
That said, all of the above are manageable for business owners who are
able to put forth the effort.